Privacy Policy

Gold’s Gym Franchising is committed to protecting the privacy of its visitors and members. The below statement has been prepared to inform people how their personally identifying information is gathered, stored, protected and used by Gold’s Gym Franchising encourages people to always be smart and aware of where their information goes while using the internet.

10/22/2015 11:00am


The versioning of this policy can be found at its closure. The version is displayed with a complete date and time stamp. Any update to the policy will be recorded with a change in the date and time stamp. Gold’s Gym Franchising will not send out email correspondence to any user that has submitted information in the past.


Personally identifiable information is defined by any information a user voluntarily submits about themselves that Gold’s Gym Franchising and had no other way of obtaining, nor forced a user to share. receives and stores a user’s personally identifiable information that you enter into any form on our website. This includes but is not limited to: Name, street address, telephone number and email address. Additionally, if a user contacts via email, or posts in any forum we have open, we may store that correspondence. Whenever receives personally identifiable information, we will provide a link to this privacy policy.


A cookie is data sent to a user’s browser from a web server that is then stored in your computer. This is a way for a user to quickly store and remember passwords and logins. All pages on that utilize cookies (i.e. a page with a login required) will prompt users to accept the cookies in order to proceed to the next stage of the site. Cookies can be set up and personalized by a user on their computer. By modifying browser preferences, a user has the choice to accept cookies, be notified when one is created and to reject all cookies.

Some common uses of cookies include:

  • The most common use of a cookie on is to remind us who each user is, and access their account information to deliver them a more personalized experience from the minute you open This cookie is created when/if they sign into any portion of
  • Assisting Gold’s Gym Franchising in tracking visits to Information is collected via a “clickstream” and can include which pages a user looked at while on While tracking which pages were on, this allows Gold’s Gym Franchising to understand the online habits of the users that visit That information helps to make a user’s experience on more personal, enjoyable and useful.
  • Cookies may also be used to track the audience size of and compare said size to our member list size to track how many visitors have joined Gold’s Gym Franchising. Each IP Address that accesses is assigned a unique cookie that is attached to any user on the IP address.
  • They might be used to track a user’s entries into a promotion or sweepstakes. This will allow Gold’s Gym Franchising to be certain entries are being created properly as well as reach out to winners in the event of a prize win.
  • Cookies may also be used by third party advertisers such as for banner ads. This policy is the user’s agreement to allow to use your personal information to deliver the best banner ads, administrative notes, products and communications relevant to a user’s experience on By accepting the Terms & Agreement and this privacy policy, the user agrees to receiving this information. If you do not wish for such communication to occur we encourage them to opt out.


A user’s personally identifiable information will be used be used by Gold’s Gym Franchising and authorized third party agents only. Information will be shared with third party agents only when it best serves to further the purpose for which the user provided their personally identifiable information. A further example of such a need would be to process a sweepstake’s entry, a subscription request or product order. If personally identifiable information might be disclosed with agents for reasons not listed above, users will be advised of the reasoning at the time they submit their information. Gold’s Gym Franchising does not currently sell any personally identifiable information to third party agents. may also utilize a user’s personally identifiable information to send them updates that might interest them. These may include but are not limited to Gold’s Gym Franchising news and promotional offers.

Personally identifiable information may also be shared with third party advertisers. If this is done, it will be so that the third party agent can best serve the user ads that would be of interest to them while exploring For further information, please see the Digital Advertising Alliance’s consumer information page. Information practices of those such websites advertising on are not represented by this privacy policy.

Protection & Security

There is no guarantee that information transmitted over the internet is 100% safe. At, we strive to protect your information. takes the following steps to ensure there is no unauthorized access to your personally identifiable information.

Once your personally identifiable information has been received, we utilize reasonable efforts to protect any and all information you have given Your information will not be readily accessible to any unauthorized third party agents. In addition, has a limited number of people with access to our database and your personally identifiable information. Our database has electronic security in place including but not limited to password protection and user specific identification.

It is important to note that Gold’s Gym Franchising and may disclose your personally identifiable information to respond to court orders, subpoenas, or other legal practices. A user’s personally identifiable information might also be disclosed in the event of Gold’s Gym Franchising and being sold or involved in a business merger.

If after reading this privacy statement a user wishes to opt out they may do so by sending an email with the subject line “Opt Out” to Please include name, phone number and mailing address in the request. If mail is preferred, send a letter with the same content to: 4001 Maple Ave, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75219


In the event that you have any questions pertaining to’s privacy policy, please reach out to us, This policy is subject to change and we invite you to review this policy from time-to-time.

Feel free to email A user may also reach out via letter to 4001 Maple Ave, Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75219