1. Kelly Cortinas, Senior Director of Franchise Operations

    November 14, 2019

    At Gold’s Gym, we have key team members entirely dedicated to our franchisees’ success. To that end, we want to introduce you to Kelly Cortinas, the Director of Franchise Operations, whose territory focuses on the U.S East Markets. Here, we explore what Kelly does to support franchisees in her territory to succeed under the Gold’s[...]

  2. Director of Franchise Operations: Andy Sheehy

    September 13, 2019

    As a Gold’s Gym franchisee, your success is our top priority, and one of the ways to demonstrate this is through our sales support. Since sales are critical to driving revenue in the door, we have a sales-focused team member we’d like you to meet. Our Director of Franchise Operations, Andy Sheehy, goes out to[...]

  3. Meet the Gold’s Gym International Franchise Operations Team!

    July 25, 2019

    At Gold’s Gym, we have our franchisees covered. From the franchisee who is looking to open one gym, to the master franchisee whose ambition secures them an international territory - we are 100% dedicated to each Gold’s Gym franchisees’ individual needs and success. This month, we’re excited to introduce Nicole Nason, the Director of International[...]

  4. Vendors: Expand Your Reach by Attending the 2019 Gold’s Gym Convention

    June 27, 2019

    The 2018 Global Convention was an overwhelming success for our vendors and franchisees, proving to be a valuable opportunity for members of our Global Vendors Program to meet franchisees in person, grow awareness about their products and services, and improve brand visibility among franchisees and corporate staff alike. This year’s 2019 Gold’s Gym Global Convention[...]

  5. Gold’s Gym Franchisee Feature: Mike Epstein

    June 13, 2019

    Our latest franchisee feature comes from Paramus, New Jersey. Mike Epstein opened a Gold’s Gym franchise in 1992 with his college roommate, Art Carril, and the friends and partners have been helping their community become healthier ever since. Mike and Art were college roommates and fraternity brothers. They played sports and were very fitness-minded. “We[...]

  6. Comprehensive Training to Start Your Gym Franchise Right

    May 9, 2019

    As a fitness franchise, we focus on helping members achieve better health through a variety of tools, such as personalized transformation plans, state-of-the-art equipment, certified personal trainers, a digital coaching mobile app, a diverse group exercise program, and a supportive, motivating environment. But our signature training focus and strategies extend far beyond the gym floor.[...]

  7. These 3 Essential Traits Could Make You the Perfect Gold’s Gym Franchisee

    March 14, 2019

    From food service franchisees to former fitness aficionados, Gold’s Gym owners come from a range of fields and levels of expertise. And, while many invest in Gold’s Gym because of the strength of our name and the reach of our brand, owning a business takes more than just brand strength. If you’ve got these three[...]