Best Improved Gym North America — Albemarle, North Carolina

February 13, 2020

Each year at the Gold’s Gym Global Convention, we honor franchises that have seen great success, made big changes and grown their business. In 2019, we recognized Gold’s Gym of Albemarle for the Best Improved Gym in North America. Their transformation, while spectacular, was born of disaster. Read on to discover their journey from inches and inches of standing water to a beautiful flagship Gold’s Gym.

Recovering from Disaster

In September of 2018, the unthinkable happened. Hurricane Florence swept through the Carolinas with a vengeance. Gold’s Gym Albemarle was hit hard. Nearly two feet of rain fell in a 72-hour period, flooding business, like Gold’s Gym, across the region.

The gym had inches of standing water, was completely flooded and the neighboring spa flooded before burning to the ground. After the rain stopped, it was time to work on restoration. So, the Gold’s Gym Albemarle team knew it was time to pick up the pieces of a business that had been a part of the Albemarle community for 16 years.

Dedicated Team

In the week immediately after the rain stopped, key players of the Gold’s Gym Albemarle team worked at least 16 hours a day to clear debris and damage. Thanks to their dedication, and a supportive membership base, the gym was able to open with limited services after four days.

For months, members of the team worked from makeshift offices that relocated depending on the restoration needs of the day. But the Gold’s Gym Albemarle team stuck it out, made it work, and continued to provide excellent service to each member whose dedication to their fitness — and their support of the Gold’s Gym Albemarle team — kept the team motivated during the restoration process.

The Timeline

It took only four days for Gold’s Gym Albemarle to reopen. But the road to full restoration was longer. The drying process took about 30 days, and restoration could not start until the various gauges and meters gave the restoration team the go-ahead. After about 90 days Gold’s Gym was ready to celebrate and decorated for the holidays. Restoration included new, updated equipment from Gold’s Gym Albemarle’s top three vendors Life Fitness, Precor and Star Trak.


These days, it’s hard to believe that Gold’s Gym Albemarle experienced such damage. A modern aesthetic with stimulating colors and thought-provoking graphics of Gold’s Gym Albemarle help the gym serve as the perfect flagship location for the Carolinas Fitness Group. The improvement of Gold’s Gym Albemarle was spurred by a natural disaster, but the Albermarle team did the work to transform it. And that’s why we are proud to recognize them as the Best Improved Gym in North America for 2019.

The dedication of both members of the Gold’s Gym Albemarle team and the members are what enable to the gym to bounce back — fast. The Gold’s Gym business model and the franchise owners who operate it are resilient. You have the opportunity to bring our time-tested concept to your community. Start your franchise journey by reaching out to our franchise development team for more information.

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