Hearts of Gold: Gold’s Gym Franchising Love Stories

January 30, 2020

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re featuring some of our favorite franchisee couples that share a love of fitness — and Gold’s Gym.

Rob and Mary Zampetti

Rob and Mary, owners of Gold’s Gym Bridgewater, NJ, don’t just own a Gold’s Gym business together; our brand played a key role in their love story. “We fell in love at Gold’s Gym Kenilworth, NJ in 1988,” Rob says.

Their shared love of fitness is what brought the Zampettis together and is something they maintain. And although they live together and work together, the Zampettis surprisingly don’t work out together. “Fitness does build a strong foundation in our relationship,” Mary says. “But we generally don’t work out together as Rob is in the weight room and I prefer Gold’s Group Exercise programs.”

Some spouses might find it hard to spend so much time together but, for Rob and Mary, it doesn’t get old. “24/7 for 19 years and I still miss him when I go to Gold’s Gym headquarters in Dallas,” says Mary, who serves on the Gold’s Gym Advertising Advisory committee.

After nearly two decades of running a business together, Rob and Mary have sage advice for any lovebirds considering owning a Gold’s Gym together. “If you love your job you will never work a day in your life,” Rob says. “What more can you say if you love fitness and each other?”

“Be the yin to his yang — or the Adrian to his Rocky,” Mary says. “We fill each other’s gaps.”

Lori and Jeremy Lowell

Lori and Jeremy Lowell, Gold's Gym Franchisees

Lori and Jeremy, the owners of Gold’s Gym Lorton, Marumsco and Woodbridge, VA, have been together for 32 years. The Lowells say owning three Gold’s Gyms has allowed them to build a strong foundation — for themselves and their family. “Being in the fitness business together has helped us maintain a healthy and mindful lifestyle. We create balance together on daily basis,” Lori says. “It has been a great example for our kids.” Their key to a running successful business, and having a successful relationship, is remembering to “love each other no matter what.”

Tammy and Don Murphy

Tammy and Don Murphy, Gold's Gym Franchisees

Happy Gold’s Gym anniversary to Tammy and Don. They opened their first Gold’s Gym — Gold’s Gym Middletown, NJ — in February 2019. “We love what we do, so it’s like having a lunch date, a board meeting and a strategy meeting every time we are together,” Tammy says.

“I’d have the to say the biggest perk to owning a Gold’s Gym together is the opportunity to leverage each other’s strengths and business skills in creating a powerful team and business partnership,” Don says. “I also like the fact that together, we’re able to celebrate the success of the business as it grows, knowing the business challenges that we’ve overcome.”

In addition to being dedicated to the growth and success of their Gold’s Gym business, the Murphys also maintain their dedication to fitness. “The journey of fitness and working out as a couple can definitely strengthen the relationships when both partners understand the importance of making fitness, health and nutrition a priority in their life,” Don says.

“I believe that couples who share the same views on leading a healthy lifestyle can help keep each other motivated,” Tammy says. “It’s like having a personal coach with you at all times, your biggest fan and cheerleader rallying to help you be at your best.”

Are you and your partner considering starting your Gold’s Gym journey together? Reach out for more information about this fitness franchise opportunity.

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