The Gold’s Gym Fitness Challenge

January 16, 2020

The Gold’s Gym Challenge is our brand-wide annual 12-week total body transformation competition exclusive to Gold’s Gym members.  Adam and Andy Ponzio, Gold’s Gym franchisees with gyms in Gwinnet County, Georgia have had great success with not only executing the brand promotion but supporting national winners year after year. Find out how they do it.

What is the Gold’s Gym Fitness Challenge?

Every year, we encourage our members to start their new year with powerful change. The Gold’s Gym Challenge is a 12-week competition that encourages our members to transform their bodies, minds and souls  through our coaching and community. This journey starts with initial measurements and “before” photos. At the end of the 12 weeks, each participant has their final measurements taken, along with one more picture to document their bodies’ transformations.

Each participating Gold’s Gym will choose their winners to be entered into the national prize pool for a shot at winning one of the 30 cash prizes. In the national contest, male and female winners are awarded cash prizes for coming in first place, second place or third place.

How the Gwinnet County Franchise Engages Challenge Participants

The Gold’s Gym Challenge is a great way for our brand to boost our member engagement – in fact, engagement is vital to the success of the Gold’s Gym Challenge. The team at Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville and Hamilton Mills have key tactics to keep their participants engaged and feeling supported during the Gold’s Gym Challenge. Toya Jordan, the general manager at Gold’s Gym Lawrenceville and Joan Ferrante, the general manager at Gold’s Gym Hamilton Mills —both in Gwinnett County — share their winning strategies for boosting member engagement for all 12 weeks of the challenge:

“First, we incentivize the staff members to recognize and encourage Challenge participants when they walk in the door,” Jordan and Ferrante say. “Properly on-boarding the team on the Gold’s Gym Challenge really drives enrollment,” they say.

The General Managers also found that gamifying the gym experience by creating reward systems for check-ins helped keep members engaged. So, what was the key to keeping people interested during the entire 12-week period? Toya and Joan say it comes down to regular check-ins and accountability.

“Focus on the mid-point,” Toya and Joan say. “By providing an incentive during the mid-point check-in, we are able to ensure all of the participants finish the full 12 weeks.”

Finally, they say, celebrating all Challenge participants with a ceremony, certificates of completion, a goodie bag and more is a huge driver for the program’s success. They display Challenge winners’ photos, including most recent winners and past winners.

Keeping participants engaged with the Challenge is one way our franchisees, and their teams, are setting up Gold’s Gym members for lifechanging fitness transformations.

Ongoing Success with the Gold’s Gym Challenge

Our franchisees that participate in the Gold’s Gym  Challenge often see a boost in engagement thanks to the Gold’s Gym Challenge. Many people are excited to hit the gym when their New Year’s resolutions are fresh. But the Challenge gives them a reason to keep making their trips to the gym even as the weather is urging them to stay at home. The Gold’s Gym Challenge gets members back in their Gold’s Gyms week after week. Some of our gyms have also seen an uptick in additional services thanks to the success of the Gold’s Gym Challenge. The gyms in Gwinnett County report an increase in personal training inquiries once the photos of the winners are posted.

The Gold’s Gym Challenge can increase engagement, serve as inspiration and benefit our franchisees’ businesses. If you are ready to make 2020 the year you franchise with Gold’s Gym, reach out for more information.

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