Craig Sherwood, Chief Development Officer

January 2, 2020

At Gold’s Gym, we are committed to the success of all of our franchisees. That dedication is exemplified by our team of business professionals who are each devoted to supporting our franchisees in any way they might require. Craig Sherwood, chief development officer, oversees  our franchise development and operations teams and ensures that commitment to franchise support starts at the top.

Craig’s Commitment to Gold’s Gym Franchising

Craig works on both sides of the franchising curtain, by supporting current franchisees while simultaneously expanding the Gold’s Gym brand. “I am responsible for the global growth of our franchise system, as well as ensuring that our existing franchisees receive best in class support and resources in order to be successful,” Craig says. “As a company, we have made expanding our global footprint a priority and my team is working hard to recruit highly qualified franchisees to join the brand.”

Craig’s responsibilities also include growing our global license business, which consists of all Gold’s Gym branded products.

Building Strong Bonds

Fostering and nurturing franchisee relationships. That’s what Craig does on a day-to-day basis. “When I joined Gold’s Gym in 2016, there was a troubled relationship between franchisor and franchisee that had built up over a number of years,” Craig said. “I made it a priority to build trust and true partnership with our franchisees, which included establishing a franchise advisory council where franchisees are actively involved in helping us evolve the brand.”

This and other efforts have had amazing results. Our relationships with Gold’s Gym franchisees are better than ever thanks to Craig and his efforts to create an open line of communication.

An Average Day

There’s no such thing as “average day” for Craig. “I may start with a 6:30AM phone call from India and end it with a 9PM call to our partner in Australia.” And the time in between can be filled with team meetings, assisting Gold’s Gym franchisees with unique issues, or discussing the brand with interested franchise candidates. He also makes it a priority to get a workout in between calls!

The Secret to Franchisee Support

Craig has spent his career working with franchisees and brings insight to his team as they work to support our franchisees’ needs. “Every franchisee is different and needs various levels of support,” Craig says. “I have a great team in place who is able to provide the support and resources that are needed by being flexible and remembering that not all franchisees are the same.”

The Gold’s Gym Way

We know that Gold’s Gym is unlike any other franchise opportunity and we – along with Craig – make sure our franchisees understand what it means to be a part of the Gold’s Gym legacy. “We have a long history of helping people achieve their potential through fitness,” Craig says. “We are a results-focused gym chain and tailor that result to whatever the member is looking for – be that to add muscle, lose weight, or just live a healthy life.”

Are you ready to make a difference through fitness? Reach out to chat with a member of Craig’s team about the Gold’s Gym franchise opportunity.

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