Best Personal Training Programming North America — Cheyenne, Wyoming

November 25, 2019

At the 2019 Global Gold’s Gym Convention, Gold’s Gym Cheyenne was recognized for the Best Personal Training Programming in North America. Their team of eight personal trainers worked together, and with the community, to build a thriving personal training business within their Wyoming community. Find out how they increased monthly personal training revenues by 140% compared to the year prior.

Working as a Team

Teamwork is directly responsible for Gold’s Gym Cheyenne’s growth in personal training programming. Both inside the gym and out in the community, the Gold’s Gym Cheyenne’s team of personal trainers worked together to educate, and then train, their members. Results-oriented and fueled by a passion for fitness, the personal trainers not only built a more robust personal training program but also drove a  25% increase in overall member retention rate to 62% which was significant. Under Kellie Buller, Gold’s Gym Cheyenne’s director of fitness, the entire personal training team continues to strive for excellence.

Proactive Community Involvement

Community outreach played a huge role in the growth of Gold’s Gym Cheyenne’s personal training program. During the spring of 2018, some of the personal trainers were involved with “Step-Up Cheyenne,” a citywide weight-loss initiative. Team members helped conduct the weigh-ins and met new gym members and spreading the word about their fitness and training services.

In addition to her involvement with “Step-Up Cheyenne,” Kellie is a frequent speaker on fitness at the local community college, personal trainer Jason Wells has spoken at numerous medical facilities in addition to the local hospital, and  personal trainers Ashley Kildow and Danielle Rinaldo helped organize the Girls on the Run 5K. Involvement in the community put personal trainers in front of new and potential clients, helping grow the personal training business at Gold’s Gym Cheyenne.

The People Behind the Program

All eight of Gold’s Gym Cheyenne personal trainers are completely dedicated to client success. They express a continued commitment to providing only the best to Gold’s Gym personal training clients by constantly learning and refreshing their training education.

In 2018, Danielle and Jason each earned their Strength and Conditioning Specialist certifications. Branko Okatavec completed his TRX Suspension Training System certification thanks to a scholarship from the gym. By continuing their training education, Gold’s Gym Cheyenne trainers are able to provide even more excellent programming to each personal training client and ensure that their gym stands out from local personal training competitors.


The success of teamwork, community involvement and trainers continuing their education resulted in across-the-board growth for Gold’s Gym Cheyenne. An increase in personal training metrics, along with other metrics like average training hours per trainer, total personal training sessions, total active personal training clients and percentage of total revenue made up of personal training revenue led to Gold’s Gym Cheyenne being recognized for the Best Personal Training Programming this year at the 2019 Gold’s Gym Convention.

Gold’s Gym Cheyenne has created a blueprint for revenue growth that other franchise locations can easily replicate. A personal training department that operates as a team has and focuses on quality, face-to-face fitness outreach has proven to be a huge asset to this Gold’s Gym’s growth.

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