Kelly Cortinas, Senior Director of Franchise Operations

November 14, 2019

At Gold’s Gym, we have key team members entirely dedicated to our franchisees’ success. To that end, we want to introduce you to Kelly Cortinas, the Director of Franchise Operations, whose territory focuses on the U.S East Markets.

Here, we explore what Kelly does to support franchisees in her territory to succeed under the Gold’s Gym brand. With years of experience under her belt, Kelly has been with Gold’s Gym for nearly 19 years, and she does a fantastic job in her role.

Kelly supports franchisees in numerous ways. She assists them with training and development, by assessing their businesses, and developing strategies to maximize revenue. Sometimes, she says, support is simply a phone call or stopping by the gym to check in and has nothing to do with business. 

Visiting with Franchisees In-Person

Kelly travels to gyms in her territory just about every week. The amount of time she spends at any one location depends on the gym’s individual needs. Her ultimate objective is to assist the franchisee and the gym with whatever is needed so they can succeed. Even if it isn’t directly related to her role, she is the go-to person for getting the support the franchisees need. For example, Kelly may not deal with social media on regular basis, but she can get the franchisee in contact with the appropriate person.

“If I go to one gym, it could be a two-to-three-day visit, but I’m constantly traveling to all of our gyms,” she says. “Our goal is to see our franchisees at least once a year. It could be for a follow-up or additional training – the travel schedule is based on the needs of the franchisee.”

Working As One Global Brand

Kelly supports her respective region, and also works directly with the team members at the Gold’s Gym headquarters on initiatives Gold’s Gym is rolling out to franchisees. “I’m part of those discussions. We don’t just roll out something across the company without having that insight,” she says.

Kelly also provides valuable input while the brand develops new initiatives because she works with franchisees directly – and serves as the voice of franchisees. By being on the ground and inside the actual gyms, she understands franchisees’ pain points and what they need to evolve and grow. Kelly even meets with a committee a couple times a year where she talks through the national initiatives and provides in-depth insight that comes directly from the franchisees.

Support from A to Z!

Kelly says she’s personally made it clear that there’s nothing her franchisees can’t call her for. In fact, Kelly likes to compare herself to a “one-stop shop.” The idea she impresses upon all of her franchisees is that they can call her for anything. “I go out of my way to earn the trust of my franchisees so I can help them,” says Kelly.

“I always refer to it as an A to Z support role. At the end of the day, whatever support looks like in their [the franchisees’] eyes is what I want to deliver. It’s not the same for everybody.”

Kelly wants to make sure her franchisees are taken care of, which is why her priorities are threefold:

    1. To always have her hands on the pulse
    2. To be engaging 
    3. To know what her franchisees needs are 

Often, Kelly answers questions from franchisees about:

  • Training and new initiatives being rolled out
  • Medallia, the customer service platform Gold’s Gym uses
  • Brand compliance and system-wide initiatives 

It’s very important to Kelly for franchisees to feel comfortable at all times, even when she’s conducting an in-person renewal or compliance visit. “I do feel like there is a comfort level, that we can have an honest relationship and conversation, and that nerves don’t have to fly,” she says.

Kelly’s is Passionate About the Brand

Kelly lives and breathes fitness. The same goes for her role in supporting Gold’s Gym franchisees, and she thinks it shows. In closing, we asked Kelly if she had any advice for Gold’s Gym franchisees, and she did have something to share.

Kelly’s Advice to Franchisees:

“If you truly want to be helped, you need to be honest in what needs to be fixed or be open to change. And as far as the skills that are vital to success as a Gold’s Gym franchisee, she said the following attributes are critical: “Business acumen for one. And they seem like no-brainers but, receptiveness, the willingness to evolve, and integrity.”

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