Master Franchisee of the Year: Eiji Tezeuka

October 11, 2019

Every year, Gold’s Gym franchisees and vendors from all over the world come together for the Gold’s Gym Global Convention. The annual Global Convention is our opportunity to recognize domestic and international franchisees for their incredible contributions to the world of fitness – contributions that have directly enriched members’ lives, impacted communities for the better, and added tremendous value to the Gold’s Gym brand.

This month, we recognize Master Franchisee, Eiji Tezeuka of Japan, who was honored at the 2019 Global Convention with the Master Franchisee of the Year Award. Eiji’s story is unlike any other; his journey with Gold’s Gym began in 1995 when he arrived unannounced at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California.

Eiji had learned about Gold’s Gym in bodybuilding magazines. He was so intrigued by the Gold’s Gym brand that he wanted to take it back to his home country – and he wasn’t shy about sharing his plans with the staff member at the front desk. Soon, it became clear that he was a man of his word.

In 2020, Gold’s Gym Japan will have been operating for 25 years. It is in the right place at the right time since it will be celebrating its 25th anniversary during the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Eiji has been very busy. Since he first joined the Gold’s Gym family, he and his team have grown to 85 Gold’s Gyms throughout Japan, and that’s not all: their goal is to reach 100 units by the time the Summer Olympics begins.

Committed to Professional Development

Eiji’s success comes from his commitment to his team. He focuses heavily on the professional development of his entire team. He brings a large number of employees to the Global Convention. But it doesn’t end there. While in the United States for the convention, he takes his team on a tour of various Gold’s Gym locations so they can learn from the successes of U.S. gyms, and take what they learned back with them to Japan.

One of Eiji’s notable strengths is his focus on quality. Once a month, each gym is closed for one full day so the team can perform a deep cleaning. The thorough cleaning leaves no stone unturned. The team cleans all of the ceiling fans, underneath the cardio equipment, and they power-wash the showers.

Eiji’s attention to detail doesn’t end with sparkling clean gyms – he always puts members first. Every member who walks into his gyms receive a smile and a warm welcome, and a “see you tomorrow” as they walk out the door.

Today, Eiji is a powerful global brand ambassador. Not only has he been the driving force behind 85 (and counting) Gold’s Gyms in Japan, he proudly showcases Gold’s Gym in “The Fitness Shop,” his stand-alone retail stores, where he sells supplements, Gold’s Gym branded apparel and accessories.

Congratulations, Eiji Tezeuka, for being named the 2018 Gold’s Gym Master Franchisee of the Year! We are honored to have you as a member of the Gold’s Gym family.

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