Best Marketing Campaign North America – Booty Bootcamp!

September 26, 2019

At this year’s 2019 Global Gold’s Gym Convention, the award for the Best Marketing Campaign in North America went to the Gold’s Gym SoCal Group for their successful 28 Day Butt Challenge and Booty Bootcamp!

Brian Morris, the Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Service Revenue of the Gold’s Gym SoCal Group shares the inspiration behind the 28 Day Butt Challenge and Booty Bootcamp, the 2018 Best Marketing Campaign – North America recipient. Brian provides tips on how Gold’s Gym franchisees can launch their own unique marketing campaigns.

It All Started With a Shift

In 2017, Brian observed a shift with women working out in the gym who were focusing on strengthening their lower body. He noticed how more women were doing squats, leg presses, and hip thrusters. He could tell they were reading something from their phones to go through a program or looking at what someone else was doing and trying to mimic it. But none of the members were seeking proper guidance from a personal trainer on form. 

Breaking Down the Barriers

Brian decided it was time to break down the barriers, to start the conversation about the glutes, and how they can be improved. So, Brian went to his gym and other gyms and started asking men and women questions about their fitness goals.

Most men said they wanted a bigger chest, arms or shoulders, but women wanted their lower body stronger. Brian asked, “Your glutes in particular?” and they would say ‘yes.’ Once I broke that barrier, they had questions,” he says.

Brian thought about the ideal way to get the word out on those muscle groups, particularly the glutes. Those personal observations and initial conversations were the inspiration for the eBook, the 28 Day Butt Challenge and later, Booty Bootcamp.

“At the end of the day, it [the eBook] gave a dynamic diverse workout for people to gravitate to. We can tell by the numbers; they’re downloading the eBook in masses.”

Flyer for a "Booty Bootcamp", showing a woman's behind in yoga pants.

Bringing the 28 Day Butt Challenge to Life in the Gym 

After the eBook’s great success, Brian thought of what he could do to bring the 28 Day Butt Challenge to life in the gym. “It’s one thing for people to read, but another for people to come in and experience that type of workout,” says Brian.

Brian contacted a fitness manager and told him to download the eBook immediately, have a meeting with the personal trainers, and make sure they download, read, and understand it. Then, he had the Montclair club put together a Booty Bootcamp class. The fitness manager immediately caught on. Posters were put up and emails were sent out.

“I was thinking it would be great if we got 12 or 15 people. At 7:45 PM, there were 50 people in this Booty Bootcamp class, then we got 10 personal training packages the next day – all women. Now we can talk about butts without being embarrassed.”

To date, the eBook has had more than 50,081 views and has generated more than 14K leads from people who downloaded the eBook. Today, Booty Bootcamp is taught the second Saturday of the month at all of the SoCal Group’s gyms. Since the class started, it has grown month over month!

What Advice do You Have?

Brian’s advice to franchisees is not to assume. “Before, I used to assume people didn’t want to talk about it, that they didn’t want to say the word ‘butt.’ My assumption was wrong. Once you’re able to open the door and have the conversation, people start opening up.” Members, he says, are now having fun talking about the eBook and Booty Bootcamp.

“Look at the people in your gym, what they’re doing, and what they want to do. Don’t be afraid to break the ice and engage them to learn what they want to do.” If there are 50 people who want dance routines, you have to put something together, he says.

Brian emphasizes the importance of bringing marketing to life in the gyms. “That’s the success behind all of this,” he says. It’s also important for management to educate their teams and to inform them of what’s being put out there. “Most groups think marketing is just to get people in the door and drive new membership, but it’s actually driven toward retention and keeping your members.”

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