Director of Franchise Operations: Andy Sheehy

September 13, 2019

As a Gold’s Gym franchisee, your success is our top priority, and one of the ways to demonstrate this is through our sales support. Since sales are critical to driving revenue in the door, we have a sales-focused team member we’d like you to meet.

Our Director of Franchise Operations, Andy Sheehy, goes out to gyms personally to work with franchisee teams on best business practices and performs monthly educational webinars. He assists franchisees with their businesses in several areas, including marketing, education, customer service, and ancillary revenues (e.g. personal training and retail). His job is to assist and help teams so they can be more successful and maximize their growth potential.

Traveling the Globe to Visit Gold’s Gyms

Andy is a road warrior traveling almost every week. He’s mostly domestic, but he’s visited gyms in Trinidad, Australia, and all throughout Canada. Andy has worked for Gold’s Gym for over eight years, but he’s been in the gym industry for about 25 years – he’s even operated them.

Andy is a firm believer in education tying teams together. “I think hands-on education in the gym business is crucial to success,” he says. Andy spends most of his days in the clubs themselves, so he witnesses this phenomenon first-hand.

In regard to the franchise teams, he says you must be respectful to people, but at the same time, you need to give them good feedback and hold them accountable. “Once you train the staff, the business becomes a lot easier,” he says.

Sales Training for Individual Gold’s Gyms

According to Andy, teamwork and sales training are everybody’s responsibility in the club. Whether you’re in childcare, sales, or you’re the general manager, your job is to create a welcoming environment that members want to come to. “It’s important that we are good role models for them, that we are respectful. Not only to each other but to our clients,” he says.

As the Director of Franchise Operations, Andy deals directly with franchisees and their staff. The ownership groups will sit in with the teams, and he’ll train up to 50 or even 100+ people at a time. “You have to motivate people. If you want people to follow you, you have to educate them. They have to believe you’re there to help them. If you just talk about the results and not the process, that’s doing them a disservice,” he says.

Andy visits all of our Gold’s Gym locations. He’ll call up a gym and say, “I’ll be in your area and I’d love to do  sales training for you and your staff.” He also walks the gyms. “We have to make these gyms successful, so they want to build more gyms,” he says.

Some of the topics Andy covers during his sales training include fitness (e.g. cardio and group training), the business side of running a Gold’s Gym, and how important it is to get traffic, ancillary revenues, the importance of customer service, and referrals. “A big part of our business is bringing in your friends,” he says.

Join Andy’s Webinars

Andy hosts regular educational webinars because “People learn in different ways.” There are people who learn better on a computer. So, the webinars allow Andy to talk to hundreds of people at one time. “It allows them to see step-by-step how to be successful.”

He starts with the basics, and he is a big believer in doing the fundamentals every day, he says. The webinars help keep franchise teams on track on what they can do daily to be successful, and it creates a team environment. “I hear from franchisees, and they’ll have five or six people in a room watching it.”

Andy’s Message to Franchisees

“I’ve done it my entire life. I’ve been very lucky and my franchisees – I live through them. When they’re successful, it certainly promotes health and fitness, which I believe in, but it gives me a sense of satisfaction that they’re happy with Gold’s Gym and what I do.”

Andy is on the phone 24-hours a day. He’s there for franchisees to talk about anything that deals with the gym or themselves, and he gives them the resources to excel. “I want my franchisees to know I’m in their corner. I work for the franchisees. I want them to be successful. That’s what I live for every day.”

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