2019 Hall of Fame Feature, Ali Mahmoud, Master Franchisee of Egypt

August 9, 2019

This year’s 2019 Gold’s Gym Global Convention was held August 6-8 at the Red Rock Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. At the 2019 Convention, Ali Mahmoud, Gold’s Gym Master Franchisee of Egypt, was honored with our Hall of Fame award for the immense vision and leadership he has provided the business for 22 years, along with his local partner, Mohamed Nassif.

Through his continuous hard work and dedication to the Gold’s Gym brand, Ali Mahmoud has gone above and beyond the call of duty. He has spent over two decades making a name for himself in the Gold’s Gym franchise and building a legacy throughout the Middle East as a thought leader in the fitness industry.

Ali owns and operates three flagship Gold’s Gym locations in Cairo; he operates four small corporate concept locations with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, as well as Vodafone and Etisalat (one of the largest mobile phone companies in Egypt). He also has 12 franchise locations throughout Egypt, with three new locations currently in development.

Ali has been instrumental in bringing Gold’s Gym to Egypt. He has ensured the highest standards are met in terms of education, programs, facilities, and service, not to mention making it his and Gold’s Gym Egypt’s mission to encourage and support the Egyptian people so they can live healthier lives through fitness.

Fitness Innovators in Egypt & Throughout the Middle East!

Ali and Mohamed have redefined fitness in the Middle East, and the pair are just getting started. As they continue in their roles as fitness innovators in Egypt, the partners secured a license to bring GOLD’S STUDIO® to Egypt for their 20-year anniversary last year. The partners also worked with Gold’s Gym International to bring standalone GOLD’S STUDIO® locations to Egypt to reach areas of the capital city, Cairo.

Ali Mahmoud has accomplished so much as a Gold’s Gym master franchisee. Here are some of his career highlights:

  • Opened the first Gold’s Gym in the Middle East.
  • Opened the first international fitness brand in Egypt in 1997.
  • Led brand awareness in the Middle East, resulting in an expansion into seven countries and nearly 50 locations by the end of 2019.
  • In 1998, partnered with a US-based international sports science association to bring personal training certification to Egypt.
  • Certified the first personal trainers in Egypt.
  • In 1999, founded the Gold’s Gym Egypt Academy, providing education to aspiring personal trainers and international certification. Today, there are two Academies with university educators certifying 1,200 personal trainers in Egypt each year, many of who go on to work at Gold’s Gym and other fitness brands in the Middle East.
  • Opened the first GOLD’S STUDIO® in their original Gold’s Gym location, where they certified their first group of GOLD’S STUDIO® Egypt coaches, certified by our Master Coaches.
  • On March 1, 2019, opened the first standalone GOLD’S STUDIO® in New Cairo.

We want to thank Ali and his business partner, Mohamed, for their incredible contributions to the Gold’s Gym franchise, and for bringing brand awareness and fitness innovation to the Middle East. Congratulations, Ali, for being inducted into our Hall of Fame!

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