Want to Impact Your Community? Own a Gold’s Gym!

July 11, 2019

When entrepreneurs consider our Gold’s Gym franchise opportunity, they are frequently drawn to our iconic brand that has grown to over 700+ locations worldwide, but that is only one aspect of our fitness franchise. The Gold’s Gym franchise model goes a lot deeper than being a global fitness leader. Much of our success stems from our number one desire, which is creating healthier communities around the globe.

If a franchise that focuses on positive community impact is a priority, the Gold’s Gym fitness franchise may be the right fit for you. At Gold’s Gym, we encourage all of our franchisees to get involved in their local communities because it’s good for our members, our communities, and our franchisees find it personally rewarding.

Today’s Consumers Expect More

Gone are the days when owning a business was all about the bottom line. Today’s consumers expect more from the businesses they support, and that starts with community involvement. But what does that mean to a Gold’s Gym franchisee?

It can be anything from creating a community weight loss challenge to sponsoring a bicycle race for a cause, to raising awareness about important health issues, such as cancer, autism, obesity, or diabetes through events like the Tour de Cure, by the American Diabetes Association. It can also mean creating opportunities for employees to clean up the beach, volunteer at homeless shelters or at their local YMCA, or help raise awareness and funds for reputable organizations like the American Heart Association.

Plus, It’s Great for Networking

The benefits of community involvement abound, including attracting new members and increasing brand awareness. In addition to creating a positive impact on the community, and helping members become happier and healthier, community participation is a great way to network and build strong relationships with local residents and community leaders.

By supporting community events, volunteering and educating the public on health and fitness, Gold’s Gym franchisees demonstrate social responsibility and having employees in the field also helps build trust by giving a face to the business.

Customers prefer to give their business to people they know, and when franchisees get involved in their communities, locals become familiar with the people behind the Gold’s Gym in their neighborhood. When our franchisees become active in their communities, everybody wins.

Just some of the benefits of community involvement include:

• Franchisees can help causes they are passionate about.
• Franchisees can find creative ways to create a positive impact.
• Franchisees can use their gyms to do social good, and there is no shortage of opportunities.
• Franchisees can get involved in educating their communities on health and fitness.
• Franchisees can build strong relationships in their communities.
• Franchisees can grow local awareness, which drives members in the door.

Community involvement is important to customers and potential employees everywhere. In fact, it may be a deciding factor when potential members are trying to decide between gyms, particularly for millennials, who are growing up with families passing these community-minded values down to their children. Social responsibility is increasingly becoming part of the fabric of our society, which is another reason why community involvement is not just the smart thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do.

If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity where you can make an impact on your community, the Gold’s Gym franchise may be the perfect fit. Contact us to learn more. 

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