Vendors: Expand Your Reach by Attending the 2019 Gold’s Gym Convention

June 27, 2019

The 2018 Global Convention was an overwhelming success for our vendors and franchisees, proving to be a valuable opportunity for members of our Global Vendors Program to meet franchisees in person, grow awareness about their products and services, and improve brand visibility among franchisees and corporate staff alike.

This year’s 2019 Gold’s Gym Global Convention will be held at the Red Rock Resort & Spa in Las Vegas August 6-8, and is expected to surpass all previous years’ events, providing vendors with opportunities to showcase their brand, establish new relationships with franchisees, and generate quality leads and referrals that can help drive their businesses forward and increase their domestic, and even global impact on the fitness industry.

Since growing one’s brand through the Gold’s Gym Global Vendors Program can be profound for vendors, we invite you to explore all the Program has to offer, including the ability to be a sponsor at the Gold’s Gym Global Convention in Las Vegas.

Global Vendors Program – You Don’t Want to Miss Out

“The Global Vendors Program is a tool for franchisees,” says Bridget Sypolt, the Director of Meetings and Vendor Relations at Gold’s Gym. The Global Vendors Program provides franchisees with a list of vendors that are pre-qualified and pre-approved by corporate, making them Gold’s Gym’s most-trusted vendors.

The Program allows franchisees to quickly and easily find pre-qualified vendors to meet their needs, eliminating the hassle and guesswork involved. It’s also a great way for vendors to develop long-lasting partnerships with Gold’s Gym franchisees domestically and internationally – but that is only the beginning – the networking and advertising opportunities are unparalleled.

Members of the Global Vendors Program take advantage of the Global Convention by becoming sponsors of the annual event, which speaks volumes to franchisees because it means a vendor has demonstrated excellence and earned the respect of industry peers through the highest-quality products, services, and customer care. “When you’re a vendor on the list, it means we’ve had a positive experience with you,” says Ms. Sypolt.

From the Office to the Gym Floor – Everything Franchisees Need

“Our vendors provide everything franchisees need from their gym office to the gym floor,” says Ms. Sypolt. From 3D body scanning, to apparel, to concessions, to digital marketing, to décor services, insurance, free weights, lockers, gift cards, Barre, HVAC, lighting, and everything in between – our vendors are a time saver for franchisees, and because they are pre-approved, they provide franchisees with peace of mind, which is priceless.

“We encourage them [franchisees] to use these vendors because a lot of the deals have already been negotiated,” says Ms. Sypolt.

If you’re a vendor looking to expand your brand, you’ll want to consider the Global Vendors Program. Once you become one of our trusted vendors, you too can support our Global Convention. You can take advantage of our various sponsorship opportunities where you can educate franchisees, increase awareness of your brand, and meet Gold’s Gym franchisees in a comfortable atmosphere that drives lead generation, sales, and growth.

“The convention is a very networked group of people. A lot of our vendors and franchises have been in it for a long time,” says Ms. Sypolt. The convention is very relationship-driven; it’s a great time to build those relationships, she says.

Of all who attended the 2018 Global Convention, 63% were U.S. franchisees, and 37% were international franchisees, representing 19 countries. Whether you’re a vendor interested in our Global Vendors Program, or a franchisee considering attending the 2019 Global Convention, you don’t want to miss this exciting event!

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