Franchisee Feature: Jad Awale Talks Going Gold’s Gym

March 29, 2019

New Gold’s Gym franchisee Jad Awale is looking forward to the grand opening of his first Gold’s Gym location. For him, the decision to invest in a Gold’s Gym franchise came down to three key factors: an iconic brand, strong economics and the chance to improve his community through fitness. Here’s his story.

A Powerful Legacy

An avid gym-goer since he was a teenager, Jad says he knew if he wanted to fulfill his dream of gym ownership, he wanted to make sure he did it right. He was determined to work with the most respected name in the fitness industry.

“Anyone who’s been involved with fitness will tell you Gold’s Gym is the best in its category. The greats in the industry have all worked with Gold’s Gym – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dave Draper, Lou Ferrigno. There’s no question that this is the best fitness brand on the market.”

A New Chapter in His Entrepreneurial Journey

No stranger to the world of franchising, Jad grew up working with his parents at their Arizona-based coffee franchise. He’d later take on a leadership role at the helm of several locations of that coffee franchise, developing his entrepreneurial skill set and preparing for the next chapter.

With Gold’s Gym franchises averaging around $2.18 million in revenue and 16.37% in EBITDA, Jad felt that applying his mastery of business operations to an opportunity to franchise with a renowned fitness brand would prove more lucrative than his previous venture in foodservice. That prompted his decision to sell off the coffee shops and make his mark in the fitness industry. Now, Jad’s on schedule to open the doors of his gym within just a few short weeks.

A Community Mission

It wasn’t just the prestige of the Gold’s Gym name or the strong performance of its business model that appealed to him. He speaks highly of the company his family was franchising with previously – but acknowledges it was time for a change. Jad and his family do what they can to be a positive influence in their community as business owners – and he felt that, in order to have an even greater impact, he needed a change of product.

“I want to bring something positive to my community and my state. Physical fitness and exercise have such a big impact on health and overall wellness. Restaurant franchises have their place but to make a change and to help people in my community live healthier lifestyles – that’s really what I’m striving for.”

Planning for the Future

Jad tells us he’s already looking ahead to developing more locations once his first is up and running:

“It’s a significant investment, but in return I get to become part of the best brand in fitness. I will be building multiple Gold’s Gyms in the Phoenix market to help people from all over my state achieve their potential through fitness.” He has his sights set on developing Gold’s Gym locations throughout a large portion of the Arizona market, and we’d say he’s well on his way.

Gold’s Gym offers its franchisees a place at the top of one of the most widely recognized names in health fitness. Serving 3+ million members every day at our 700+ locations across 6 continents, Gold’s Gym is the #1 full-service fitness franchise in the world. How do we keep such an expansive system growing? We’re glad you asked.

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