These 3 Essential Traits Could Make You the Perfect Gold’s Gym Franchisee

March 14, 2019

From food service franchisees to former fitness aficionados, Gold’s Gym owners come from a range of fields and levels of expertise. And, while many invest in Gold’s Gym because of the strength of our name and the reach of our brand, owning a business takes more than just brand strength. If you’ve got these three traits, though, you’re already on track to becoming a top-tier gym franchise owner. 

1. Passion for Fitness

It’s no secret that if you love what you do, work doesn’t really feel like work. That applies to the world of franchise ownership as well. One of the traits the most successful Gold’s Gym franchisees share is their love of health and fitness.

Some of our franchisees have been gym-goers their whole lives, others were college athletes, some have backgrounds in training and nutrition. It’s that passion for healthy exercise and treating the body right that drives Gold’s Gym franchisees to invest their time and energy into helping their business thrive.

2. Business Acumen

Any franchisee will have to rely on a set of relevant skills to help keep themselves motivated, organized and well-equipped for the challenge of owning their own business. A strong background in business-focused disciplines can ease the learning curve that comes with ownership and better prepare you for the challenge. In fact, some of our top owners developed their business savvy through years in corporate careers while others bring successful entrepreneurial experience to the table.

Strong time and team management skills will help you build a strong, reliable team and stay on top of a busy schedule. If you’re adept in budgeting and financial planning, you’ll have an easier time staying in control of payment schedules and your gym’s economic performance. Knowledge or experience in sales, networking, public relations and marketing will help you find innovative ways to bring in new members.

3. Team Mentality

Luckily, Gold’s Gym franchisees are part of a much larger working system of other successful gym owners and expert business consultants who’ve seen and done it all before, so first-time franchisees don’t have to feel like they’re on their own. But that means you have to be ready and willing to perform as a part of that team.

Success as a franchisee takes a strong commitment to the mission and values of the organization. It takes the ability to communicate with and trust in the expertise of those who’ve been down this road before, and trust in the proven systems and operational model that have helped the brand prosper.

The Gold’s Gym brand represents a huge part of the fitness community at large – and we’re all in it together. The best way to achieve results, whether in fitness, business or in any other aspect of life is to be an asset to your team and know that your team will support you when you need it.

No matter where your career background has taken you, if you’ve got these three key traits, you’ve got what it takes to become a Gold’s Gym franchisee.

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