Gold’s Gym is Leading with Fitness-Focused Technology

February 28, 2019

Gold’s Gym has been known as the world’s trusted fitness authority for generations and continues to differentiate itself through brand innovation. Member-engaging technology like GOLD’S 3D™, a comprehensive 3D body scan and imaging analysis, and GOLD’S AMP™, our audio-digital coaching app, are just the beginning of the holistic, health-centric technological advancements that will make wellness more achievable for everyone and improve business for Gold’s Gym franchisees.

GOLD’S 3D™ (Powered by Styku™)

Our GOLD’S 3D™ body imaging system gives Gold’s Gym members the opportunity to see themselves in a new way without the old-school method of getting measured by a trainer, which can sometimes feel invasive.  The scanning process takes just 35 seconds and takes 600 infrared images of the waist, hips, biceps and more. Every scan includes a three-dimensional model and more than 25 pages of information, including body shape analysis, body fat analysis (that also cites national averages for comparison) and a fat loss calculator making it quick and easy for members to assess their physical health and work with a personal trainer to identify a customized action plan in the gym.

Gold’s Gym Franchisee Kory Price says his members love it. “A full-body scan can be intimidating and revealing for some members, especially the first time. But when they come back to the scanner, they love it. They get to see the changes their body is going through in real time. A lot of people come into the gym thinking they just want to lose 10-15 pounds when, in reality, that might not be what’s most healthy for them. Health isn’t just one number.”

Kory explains that, since muscle weighs more than fat, what some may need instead of losing weight is to gain two pounds – by losing some fat and building some muscle. “Even though maybe their weight went up, members using GOLD’S 3D™ can see they’ve lost two inches from their waist, or that their thighs are slimmer. So, they get the results they want but in a way that’s healthiest for them and their body.”

GOLD’S AMP™ ­– Audio and Video Coaching Anytime, Anywhere

Our digital personal training app, GOLD’S AMP™ is revolutionizing the fitness app space by providing original audio and video workouts created by Gold’s Gym experts. GOLD’S AMP™ combines over 50 years of Gold’s Gym fitness expertise with more than 40 music genres and thousands of commercial-free, ready-made DJ mixes for use before, during and after workouts. When GOLD’S AMP™ launched, the app included several cardio modules with over 100 workouts that worked with the music so members never missed a beat while working up a sweat.

Since then, we’ve added coach-led stretching, meditation, bodyweight exercises and, most recently, a suite of strength training sessions.

Kory says the real beauty of the app is that members can take the Gold’s Gym experience with them wherever they go. “If a member with the app is traveling and is stuck in a hotel gym or if they only have time for a quick home workout, they can choose from a wide range of workout variations. So, if you only have an exercise ball and a couple of dumbbells, you can sort through workouts that only use that equipment. You still get a full workout and a coach-led experience wherever you are.”

Creating Added Value for Members

Kory explains that he’s recently restructured his membership packages to include these new innovations. Anything above a basic membership in his Gold’s Gym location includes GOLD’S AMP™, GOLD’S 3D™ or both, and he’s found the results encouraging – for his members and for his business. He’s seen an increase in the sale of memberships above Access level, and a significant increase in members opting for personal training. In terms of marketing, he says, these initiatives set his Gold’s Gym apart from any other gym in the area.

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