Powerful Value in Our Franchise Costs & Fees

February 14, 2019

As potential Gold’s Gym franchisees explore our website, they’ll find a wealth of information about the Gold’s Gym franchise opportunity, including an itemized breakdown of the costs and fees associated with the franchise investment. The table includes numbers straight from our Franchise Disclosure Document and covers every piece of the total initial investment cost from the initial franchise fee to construction costs, marketing and advertising costs and everything in between.

To ensure you know what to expect when you sign a Gold’s Gym Franchise Agreement, we want to shed a little light on some of the details from our table of costs and fees that our franchise candidates ask about most frequently.

Equipment Costs

Our table of costs and fees outlines the basics when it comes to the cost of the exercise equipment that fills each Gold Gym’s training floor, noting cardiovascular equipment, pin-loaded equipment and free weights. Of course, the total cost of equipment will depend on the size of your gym and its various training areas and which pieces of equipment you choose to fill the space. Each of our franchisees has the option to choose equipment from a number of authorized suppliers who, because of our system’s scale, offer the industry’s best pricing.

For more information on the kinds of equipment you can put into your gym and how the process of equipping your gym works, check out What’s Inside a Gold’s Gym?

Marketing Support

With the initial cost of advertising and marketing within your initial investment, you’ll have access to powerful marketing collateral to help drive membership sales even before construction is complete on your gym. With a range of award-winning marketers in our arsenal, we’re well-equipped to provide the most engaging digital and print materials to help your gym grow.

As part of the marketing support, our team works closely with our branding vendor for all signage inside and outside the gym, including way-finders that point members in the direction of their favorite equipment. All gym signage passes through the expert hands of our marketing and branding teams, who are involved in the design and branding of every Gold’s Gym location. Everything they produce is carefully chosen to fit with the established brand criteria, including color, fonts, location, etc.

Operations Training and Support

A Gold’s Gym franchise investment includes operations training from franchise business experts that begins soon after signing. After an initial onboarding process at our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, most of this training is hands-on, field-based training that will take place both in established Gold’s Gym training locations and in your own gym.

Operational support for your gym includes everything from a dedicated field business consultant to exclusive support and management software. Management and operations systems like Motionsoft and Salesforce are powerful tools for our franchisees, and access to some of the best minds in business through our global support center help them run their business confidently and efficiently.

When considering a franchise investment, it’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of exactly what you get for your money. Buying a business can be costly no matter what, but a franchise like Gold’s Gym works hard to make every dollar of your business investment count.

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