The Benefits of a Multi-Unit Gym Franchise Investment

January 31, 2019

Owning a Gold’s Gym franchise is a rewarding way to become a community leader and make a lasting impact on the face of fitness in your area. With a list of powerful benefits including expert training and support, access to world-class marketing and the chance to join forces with the leading authority in the fitness industry, our franchisees begin the process to business ownership ahead of the competition.

But what if you could multiply the effects of our system’s most outstanding perks?

Why Gold’s Gym

No matter what level of investment you make with Gold’s Gym, you know you’re getting a head start with the industry’s number-one brand. For people around the world ­– gym-goers, business owners, or Average Joes – the Gold’s Gym brand represents the pinnacle of fitness. Carried into the spotlight on the massive shoulders of fitness legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Gold’s Gym’s reputation for excellence hit the international stage back in the early 1970s and, since then, we’ve continued to raise the bar as the most trusted name in fitness.

And, as demand for healthier living and new, innovative approaches to physical fitness continues to skyrocket, we’re better equipped than ever to fulfill our mission to help people achieve their potential through fitness.

Increasing the Potential of Your Investment

One of the best ways to maximize your partnership with Gold’s Gym is through a multi-unit franchise investment opportunity. Gym franchises are increasingly popular choices among multi-unit investors because of the scalability of the operational model ­– especially within a multi-national brand like Gold’s Gym. But that’s not the only benefit to a multi-unit gym franchise:

Systems and Operations

Once a Gold’s Gym franchise owner establishes their first gym and locks down the systems and operations, it’s smooth sailing from their as their replicate the model in other locations. Once you learn how to optimize your membership sales, personal training sales and group exercise sales, taking advantage of the powerful revenue streams that drive business at Gold’s Gym, it’s only a matter of working with our teams to find the best area for your next location.

Leveraging Talent

As you train new team members in your first gym, you’ll get a sense of who could help grow your system of gyms to the next level. Identify the assets to your team and, as you open new locations, trust in them to help you maintain a consistent level of excellence across every gym under your organization’s umbrella.

Market Control

Once you build multiple Gold’s Gym locations in a single market area, you’re maximizing your influence on the market as well as increasing the value of Gold’s Gym memberships in your area and increasing the value of your marketing and advertising efforts.

By offering members access to multiple nearby Gold’s Gyms, you’re incentivizing a higher membership cost ­– and a higher bottom line for your system. Plus, greater coverage means that the influence of your marketing efforts reaches a wider audience and could bring in many more members at a lower cost to you.

Is a multi-unit gym franchise right for your growing portfolio? Let us know here.

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