Take the Leap – Become a Gold’s Gym Franchise Owner

December 13, 2018

The thought of making a big lifestyle change – like finally investing in your own business – is often so daunting that it discourages hopeful entrepreneurs from achieving their dream. And with New Year’s Day right around the corner, we’re all reassessing our list of goals and wondering whether this year will actually be the year we take the leap. If you’re thinking about opening a gym – we recommend franchising with the best in the business.

Own Your Own Business – With Less Risk

Gold’s Gym is the most trusted fitness authority, and the #1 Health, Beauty and Fitness Franchise in the world. Over the last 50+ years, we’ve grown into one of the most recognizable names in fitness with 700+ locations worldwide serving 3 million people every day. When you franchise with Gold’s Gym, you join a legacy of excellence that has put us – and our family of franchisees at the top of the $84+ billion-dollar global fitness industry.

The strength of our brand is one of the top reasons people choose Gold’s Gym – from our members to our corporate support team to our franchisees. Launching your own business from scratch means taking on the risk of an unknown brand. But when you choose to franchise with the leader in the industry, you’re starting your gym ownership journey with a proven system and recognizable model that has become synonymous with success.

Benefit from Unmatched Support and a Proven Operational Model

All Gold’s Gym franchisees – whether or not they have prior experience in fitness – receive comprehensive support to prepare them to own and operate their gym franchise. Our expert teams assist all our franchisees with comprehensive training, membership pre-sales, award-winning marketing efforts on the national and local level, new and continuously updated member offerings and amenities, and provide ongoing support from Field Business Consultants. When you franchise with a leader like Gold’s Gym, you get constant support from teams that have led the industry for a generation.

Offer More Than the Competition Can

At Gold’s Gym, it’s our mission to help people achieve their potential through fitness. That means we’re focused on providing an all-encompassing experience for every one of our members no matter their fitness level. We’re constantly adding to our menu of offerings to help more people achieve their fitness goals worldwide.

We beat the competition by providing innovative programs to members to participate in boutique-style group exercise classes like GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S CYCLE™ and GOLD’S BURN™ within our GOLD’S STUDIO® program, and indoor/outdoor BOOTCAMP program. We’ve also innovated on the fitness experience with technologies like GOLD’S 3D™, body scanning technology that allows us to find each of our members’ starting point by capturing all their unique measurements within just 35 seconds and GOLD’S AMP™ our digital coaching app that provides Gold’s Gym members and non-members alike a motivating and results-driven workout experience inside and outside the four walls of a gym.

For those intrepid and industrious few who’ve been thinking about starting their own gym – think again. With a growing focus on health and fitness worldwide and new trendy, boutique gyms opening by the minute, competition between gym startups is as intense as the workouts going on inside them. If you truly want to make an impact in your community by providing a space for exercise and fitness, consider the benefits of a franchise opportunity that puts you ahead of the pack right from the start.

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