As the Year Winds Down, Gym Membership Ramps Up

November 29, 2018

Gym owners know it’s crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of consumer and market trends to keep business running smoothly. And since gym membership sales are a primary stream of revenue for a gym, operators must understand how – and when – people are going to take action when it comes to their fitness goals.

Seasonal Shift in Fitness Focus

If you’ve ever seen this graph comparing interest in the terms “cheese” and “kale” on Google, you know how powerful the New Year’s resolution can be when it comes to influencing market behavior. Statistics show that year after year, when people think about making a positive impact on their own lives, they set goals to get more exercise and eat heathier.

As the year draws to a close, people want to join their friends and family in setting new goals and sticking to them. Holiday feasting and New Year’s resolutions get people thinking about starting or restarting a healthy, fitness-focused lifestyle and committing themselves to regular exercise and nutrition. Plus, colder weather in most of the U.S. means that greater numbers of fitness-minded consumers start looking for ways to bring their exercise routines indoors.

Consequently, gym membership signups start to ramp up in winter. January usually holds each year’s record for the highest new member rate and also boasts some of the year’s strongest numbers for visitation. In fact, this heightened attention on health and fitness usually continues all the way through March.

Gold’s Gym Franchisees Capitalize on Member Trends

When consumers are looking for a place to get started on their “New Year, New Me” resolutions, they want a place where they can get it all – a comprehensive and effective fitness experience no matter what their fitness goals are. That’s why, at Gold’s Gym, we offer a broader variety of unique, high-quality fitness experiences, member-focused services, and classes individually adapted to every fitness level. We help members find their unique starting point to help them achieve their potential through fitness.

Through innovative programs and boutique-style group fitness classes like BOOTCAMP, GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S CYCLE™ and GOLD’S BURN™ – all part of our GOLD’S STUDIO® offerings – members can find the perfect routine to make their resolutions lasting and effective. Additionally, our new digital coaching app, GOLD’S AMP™ puts the Gold’s Gym personal training experience in the palm of our members’ hands with DJ-curated workout playlists spanning 40 genres and strength and cardio training sessions led by expert, certified coaches across a variety of workouts including strength, treadmill, rowing, stair climber, bike and elliptical.

On top of that, our franchisees can take advantage of special national promotions and events like the popular Gold’s Gym Challenge, an annual 12-week body transformation contest that gets people excited about joining the gym, getting fit and sharing their inspiring results with their friends and family. $100,000 in cash prizes go to the Challenge winners to celebrate sticking to their New Year’s resolutions and achieving their goals.

At Gold’s Gym, we know the success of our franchisees depends on providing the highest-quality fitness experience in the industry. With our focus on member experience and comprehensive market research, we ensure our franchisees have all the tools they need to bring members into their gym year-round.

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