A Lifestyle to Be Thankful For

November 8, 2018

Every day is a good day to give thanks, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner, we thought we’d highlight some of the reasons our franchisees are thankful they joined the Gold’s Gym family. The Gold’s Gym opportunity provides an investment franchisees can rely on and a lifestyle they can be proud of.

An Opportunity at the Forefront of a Growing Industry

Fitness isn’t a trend – it’s a lasting lifestyle change that’s grown exponentially since we started out in 1965. Throughout our history, we’ve evolved to stay ahead of the competition by differentiating ourselves through service, experience and innovation.

“I chose Gold’s Gym because, by far, it is the most important brand in the fitness industry. It has a legacy with no equal. For over 50 years, Gold’s Gym has been transforming lives and it continues to innovate to deliver the best fitness experience in the world.”

– Angel Banos, 17-Unit Franchisee in Southern California

Helping People Achieve Their Potential Through Fitness

As the world’s most trusted fitness authority, it’s our mission to help people achieve their potential through fitness and be with them every step of the way. Gold’s Gym franchisees are integral to that process, providing their communities with a place to pursue good health and an active lifestyle. And knowing you’re making a difference makes gym ownership that much more rewarding.

“I love working out – the way it makes me feel and the knowledge that what I’m doing is keeping me healthy. I truly believe that a membership at a good gym and a solid training program comprise the best healthcare plan you can ever have. That is why I chose to franchise with Gold’s Gym. This is a brand driven to helping people find their fitness starting point and supporting them at every step along their journey.”

– Chef Robert Irvine, Celebrity Chef, TV Personality, Restauranteur, British Royal Navy Veteran, and Gold’s Gym Franchisee in Tampa, FL

Driving Business and Helping Our Communities

As local business owners, Gold’s Gym franchisees feel a sense of purpose and responsibility when it comes to supporting their communities. In addition to offering a place for their fellow community members to achieve their fitness goals, our franchisees spend time and significant effort giving back to their neighborhood.

Whether it’s donating backpacks and supplies to a local school, volunteering at soup kitchens, providing blankets to homeless shelters, or bringing gym equipment and facilities to an impoverished area of the world, our franchisees take pride in doing their part.

“We do these things effortlessly and without a whole lot of thought. We don’t talk a lot about it – we just do it. And consequently, we’re very rooted in our communities. It’s a very normal part of what we do here at Gold’s Gym.”

– Bryan Murphy, 6-Unit Franchisee in Houston, TX

If you’re looking for another reason to give thanks – and an opportunity to become an industry leader – you’re in the right place.

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