Gold’s Gym Franchisee Feature: Joe Harrison

October 24, 2018

Hear from Gold’s Gym multi-unit franchise partner, Joe Harrison, who offers a bit of insight into what it takes to be an award-winning Gold’s Gym franchisee.

Never A Day Away from the Gym

Joe’s been working in gyms for over 21 years. After being told he was the “worst personal trainer ever,” he realized his skill set was better suited to sales and management. And after course-correcting a few times, it wasn’t long before he started at Gold’s Gym.

“I had the opportunity to work with the global presence, the world icon, one of the innovators in fitness – it really attracted me to Gold’s Gym. In my eyes, they were the top of the food chain. I went from managing three locations with another gym to taking a few steps back in my career just to start working at a Gold’s Gym, because I knew it would help me further my career long term, and it’s definitely paid off.”

An Example of Excellence

Now, with 16 years and nine Gold’s Gym franchise locations in his portfolio, Joe has come a long way from his training days. In fact, at the Gold’s Gym Convention in July, he received the prestigious Gold’s Gym Vision Award – an award he earned for his commitment to the brand and the exceptional way he serves his members and staff at each of his locations in Virginia and Wisconsin.

“[Winning the Gold’s Gym Vision Award] was definitely a surprise. I’m pretty involved with the brand and want to push things forward in a way that’s going to benefit all franchisees and keep a good relationship with corporate. It means the world to me to be recognized by my peers, and it makes me feel like I’m doing the right things working on the Gold’s Gym Franchisee Association Executive Board and with corporate – that my efforts aren’t going unnoticed. I was very honored and still in shock.”

“Pretty involved with the brand” seems to be Joe’s shorthand for his service as Vice President of the GGFA Executive Board, and as a member of both the National Franchise Advisory Council and the Gold’s Gym Advertising Advisory Committee.

A True Leader

Joe’s award-winning level of participation and effort make him an inspirational role model, especially for franchisees with less time and experience within the Gold’s Gym franchise system. And after all this time, he still finds that his favorite parts of his experience as a franchise owner are the moments he gets to celebrate with his teams.

“I love watching my teams succeed and celebrating their victories, big or small. That’s my favorite part of the day. Whether it’s in a meeting or on a conference call, we celebrate our victories and we analyze our opportunities. That’s the best part – seeing peoples’ faces light up when they’ve had any level of success that you’ve helped them achieve.”


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