Powerful Marketing Support Helps Drive Franchisee Sales

September 13, 2018

At Gold’s Gym, we support our franchisees every step of the way to help them optimize business, drive sales, and increase their bottom line. Gold’s Gym is the world’s most trusted fitness authority – and with that title comes access to exceptional, national-level marketing materials to keep Gold’s Gym and our franchisees at the top of the industry.

Access to a Network of Creators

Gold’s Gym franchisees benefit from our network of powerful partnerships with several marketing, media and public relations agencies.

  • Greenlight, our brand creative agency, helps develop branding and collateral for Gold’s Gym brand initiatives like the Gold’s Gym Challenge, our signature event, GOLD’S AMP™, our digital coaching app, our interior style guide and brand style guide and much more.
  • SPM Communications, our public relations agency promotes and protects our brand through public and media relations, crisis management, and brand strategy. SPM has generated national media opportunities for our brand including Forbes and the Megyn Kelly Today Show.
  • PACE Communications, our content marketing agency, helps track and expand our brand’s presence to reach more members globally with fresh and engaging content on the Gold’s Gym Blog. PACE’s great work and impactful organic content has increased our SEM and SEO capabilities.
  • Southwest Media Group is the media agency that supports national initiatives through a multitude of media services from our National Paid Social campaign, to increasing brand awareness and providing additional lead flow to our gyms.
  • Wheat Creative, our franchise marketing agency, which focuses on serving the franchise industry, specializing in franchise recruitment and franchise consumer marketing. Wheat Creative has developed our franchise development website and creates impactful franchise business collateral including blog posts.
  • BizCom is a full-service marketing and public relations firm that focuses on finding the most effective and creative ways to deliver stories around our franchise business including opportunities in industry media and select trade markets.

Our brand agency partners work with us year-round to produce fresh and exciting materials to expand consideration to new members and grow sales systemwide. They maintain open lines of communication among each other to create strategic ways to engage with prospects, members and franchisees.

Franchisees Help Make the Decisions

We work collaboratively with the Gold’s Gym Advertising Advisory Committee (GGAAC) and Gold’s Gym’s agency partners on creating a strategic national marketing plan that continues to expand consideration and evolve the brand, as well as potential key offers and themes we can rally behind as a system.

The GGAAC, a select group of dedicated franchise owners, provides feedback on creative needs or questions and collaboration on behalf of the system.

And That’s Not All

Through our internal communication system, Brand Center, all of our franchisees have easy access to all creative, marketing tools and training materials, including brand style guides, direct mail templates, high-resolution brand photography, digital marketing templates, and much more. Franchise owners also receive a monthly Franchise Marketing Guide that helps them put it all together and make the most of the assets.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reach Out

If there’s any doubt how to spread the word about your gym, your latest special offer or other upcoming event, Lauren Lumbley is our in-house Franchise Marketing and Communications Manager and is just a phone call or an email away. Lauren and the Gold’s Gym Support Team are fully dedicated to the success of our franchisees and are an invaluable resource for education or assistance for our franchise owners’ marketing needs.

“Because Gold’s Gym is such an iconic brand, our franchise system is home to a diverse group of business owners with different levels of marketing experience. Our focus recently has been to leverage our strengths of coaching and expertise to deliver a consistent and powerful Gold’s Gym experience across the globe. We want to ensure the franchisees know how their marketing contributions are being put to work and the many programs and resources available through Brand Center and our Franchise Business Consultants,” says Lauren.


For more info about Gold’s Gym’s system for franchisee assistance, check out the rest of our franchise website

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