The Gold’s Gym Way 2018 Global Convention

August 16, 2018

Summer may be winding down, but here at Gold’s Gym, we’re ramping things up with the 2018 Global Convention, hosted in Las Vegas. This year’s powerful event combined company general managers from 144 corporate locations and franchisees and their teams representing 550 locations from 28 countries.

There were cash prizes, unforgettable keynote speakers, T-shirt cannons and even a surprise marriage proposal. With more than 800 people in attendance from around the world — Japan, the Philippines, Egypt, India and more — just imagine the energy that filled the room. And although everyone in attendance spoke different languages, we all work tirelessly toward the same mission: to help people achieve their potential through fitness.

“Sometimes we don’t realize the power, influence and impact we have on someone’s life beyond the gym. We help people reach unimaginable goals and watch them transform mentally, physically and emotionally. Events like these remind us of just how important our work is. And frankly, I hope we never forget; it’s the reason we do what we do.”

 Craig Sherwood, SVP Franchising, Gold’s Gym

In today’s world, it’s easy to connect through online mediums, but there really is no replacement for face-to-face collaboration. That’s why it was so important for us to get every single Gold’s Gym leader and franchisee together in one place. We shared ideas, best practices and really gained insight on how to improve each individual gym for the better.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s what you missed:

The Gold’s Gym Way

This year, we wanted to focus on doing business The Gold’s Gym Way. That means providing the same amenities, level of service, professional development, training programs and experience from gym to gym, no matter where in the world our members are working out.

“The transformation that the executive team has done with our vision, what we’re creating and how we’re implementing it in the Gold’s Gym Way is amazing.”

Ken Phipps, Director of Global Business Development, Gold’s Gym

Last year, we rolled out several innovative initiatives, including GOLD’S AMP™, GOLD’S STUDIO®, GOLD’S 3D™ and more, all of which have seen excellent member engagement and retention. This year, we wanted to focus on continuing to execute these programs to the best of our abilities. 

Inspirational Highlights

We started every morning with a motivational workout session and had the opportunity to try new fitness equipment and workout styles. There were tons of professional and personal development seminars led by both corporate executives and franchisees.

And remember that marriage proposal we mentioned earlier? Kelly Henderson, Overall Male Winner of the 2018 Gold’s Gym Challenge, experienced an incredible transformation and decided to celebrate by surprising his girlfriend in front of his Gold’s Gym family.

We even had the opportunity to induct someone into the prestigious and exclusive Gold’s Gym Hall of Fame, an honor we don’t give unless someone is especially deserving. JK Valecha, a master franchisee from India, made it his mission to give his country the gift of fitness 16 years ago. Today, he has successfully opened and maintained more than 136 Gold’s Gym locations.

But nothing was more inspirational than our three amazing, best-selling authors and keynote speakers: Vince Poscente shared his experience of overcoming obstacles as an Olympic speed skier. Alison Levine told the story of how she led the first American Women’s Everest Expedition. And Mike Abrashoff, Commander of the U.S.S. Benfold, touched on the importance of strong leadership and teamwork.

Get Pumped

“The power of what we do and seeing it all come alive during this convention is pretty special. Excitement around this brand is at the highest level it’s ever been.”

– Craig Sherwood, SVP Franchising, Gold’s Gym

We expect next year’s convention to be even bigger and better. Whether you’re an existing franchisee or thinking about joining our franchise family, there really is no better place to get a feel for exactly what Gold’s Gym is about.

Although we can’t reveal our biggest news just yet, we can tell you to look forward to incredible outcomes and innovations coming soon. So, stay tuned.    

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