Franchisee Feature: Bryan Murphy

June 14, 2018

As anyone in the fitness world might tell you, the more energy you dedicate to achieving a goal, the more likely you are to see results. The wisdom appears to hold true in the case of Gold’s Gym franchisee Bryan Murphy, whose passion for fitness has manifested as a tireless effort to bring the ideals of health and exercise into the lives of everyone around him.

And those efforts have yielded some phenomenal results. Bryan generously offered some of his time to share his experience as a franchisee, offering a glimpse into the work and relationships that are a part of the life of a Gold’s Gym owner.

A Gold’s Gym Veteran

Initially drawn to the brand because of its credibility and perceived value in the eyes of the consumer, Bryan’s a Gold’s Gym veteran, having begun his career as an Area Manager for Gold’s Gym International’s Austin market in the year 2000. It wasn’t long before he had his sights set on franchising with the iconic brand – a decision that, according to Bryan, was easy to make:

Choosing to open that first franchise – there was never a notion of doing anything other than that. It’s one of the best-known brands out there, one of the top 50 most-recognized brands worldwide. Period. Whether you’re talking about attracting key personnel, landlords and lenders – it was a no-brainer. With their thoughtful business concepts and various sales systems, and now with the availability of Brand Center, I knew it was generally plug and play.

Bryan opened his first Gold’s Gym in 2004, commuting from Austin to Conroe, TX every Friday night to oversee its construction and operations for over a year while he maintained his full-time job as Austin’s Area Manager. And he was just getting started. Bryan went on to open five more Gold’s Gym locations over the next nine years in Kingwood, Houston, Magnolia and Humble, TX – battling hurricanes and other various sales and operational challenges along the way.

Now, Gold’s Gym Houston is on track to open its seventh franchise location this year and is committed to the development of four more.

Rooted in the Community

A member of the Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) and National Franchise Advisory Council (NFAC), Bryan plays a pivotal role in building relationships among Gold’s Gym franchisees and facilitating interactions between franchisees and Gold’s Gym International. Bryan’s participation in these organizations is an opportunity to learn from and exchange ideas with other franchisees and to discuss system-wide initiatives to support franchisee growth and success.

Outside the franchise community, Bryan is driven by a passion for helping others. Each of his locations are involved and participate in community events by donating products like drawstring bags and more to churches, schools and charitable organizations in the area. Bryan and his entire management team also volunteer their time at local soup kitchens and loading trailers with blankets to donate to homeless shelters. Bryan explains:

We do these things effortlessly and without a whole lot of thought. We don’t talk a lot about it ­– we just do it. And consequently, we’re very rooted in our communities. It’s a very normal part of what we do here at Gold’s Gym.

Taking His Passion for Fitness Abroad

Bryan doesn’t limit his giving spirit to just his local communities. Over the past three years, he and his wife, Kristi have worked with an orphanage in Guatemala to use their gifts and advantages to create opportunities for the nearly 500 children housed there.

It wasn’t intended to be a Gold’s Gym thing, but anyone who knows me knows that Gold’s Gym is in my DNA. We sought to find ways to take advantage of our vendor relationships to see if we couldn’t help this group out. We called on our partners at companies like Epsilon, ABC Financial, Paramount Billing, Core and Precor for monetary donations or equipment donations like power systems or hardware. And we were able to install and create a fitness curriculum down there.”

What Lies Ahead

Bryan maintains an optimistic and enthusiastic view of the future. In addition to his goal of eventually opening a Gold’s Gym in Guatemala to create jobs and drive economic growth, he feels strongly about the path Gold’s Gym is on back home in Houston. He notes a significant effort on the part of Gold’s Gym’s Corporate to unify their interests and initiatives with those of their franchisees and looks forward to working together to crush the competition and maintain our position as the best brand in fitness.

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