A Look Inside a Gold’s Gym Grand Opening

May 10, 2018

Gold’s Gym successfully opened 12 new clubs worldwide early this year, including seven international locations in Japan, India and Saudi Arabia and five stateside locations in California, Maryland, New York and Texas. If you’re thinking about franchising your own Gold’s Gym, we wanted to give you a few pointers on how to ensure it’s a success, with tips from sibling-franchisee duo, Steve Garcia and Cindy Garcia-Pope.

The Garcia siblings recently opened a location in Edinburg, Texas — the newest of their seven franchised Gold’s Gyms. They say the key to a successful grand opening is making connections within the local community. But before the big day, a lot of behind-the-scenes preparation takes place to ensure their grand opening is an eventful celebration. 

The Soft Opening

Steve, Director of Operations for Gold’s Gym South Texas Organization, notes that much of his preparation focuses on fine-tuning operations: “After the inspection process is complete and the city gives the green light, we begin preparing for the big day. Typically, we start with a soft opening to make sure all operations are in order and that everything is working properly.”

A soft opening is a great opportunity for Franchisees to work out all the kinks before officially opening their doors. This way, pre-sale members get a chance to “test drive” the gym and owners can make sure everything’s perfect for the grand opening ceremony. The Garcia siblings say the preparation period usually takes them about two months.

The Preparation

Cindy, South Texas’ Director of Marketing, offered a list of PR and marketing To-Dos she covers in preparation for the grand opening event. Every new club gets 10,000 direct mailers meant to promote a one-day special that is only valid on the day of the grand opening. Franchisees can leverage the promotion with print and digital campaigns to create buzz around the big day. The Garcia’s recommend lining up your grand opening with a big event like a Spin-a-thon or Zumba-thon and holding it on busy gym days early in the week, like a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

They also make it a point to connect with the local Chamber of Commerce to ensure notable politicians and influencers attend the event. They even secure food and beverage sponsors by partnering with nearby restaurants and small businesses. The Garcias note that you want to do as much as you can to generate interest and attendance because a grand opening can be a major selling day and a launching point for your gym’s earnings.

Make A Party Out of It

Steve and Cindy say they try to make their grand openings a family-friendly event for the whole community to enjoy. “We bring in a DJ and sometimes we’ll get a bounce house, so people passing by take notice,” says Steve. “And since we’re a family-owned and operated business, we try to let the grandkids cut the ribbon for every grand opening we host.” After the ceremony, they hold free workouts, including an open gym format and 20-minute class samplers to let the public get a taste of what Gold’s Gym has to offer.

Big congratulations to the Garcias and all of our dedicated franchisees opening new Gold’s Gym locations this year! Their hard work and passion help us keep growing and providing more spaces to help people reach their potential through fitness.

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