More Perks for Your Members Mean More Revenue for Your Gym

March 1, 2018

The world of fitness has evolved dramatically since Gold’s Gym’s founding in 1965. What began as a male-dominated quest to be the biggest and strongest has shifted toward a distinctly individual experience that includes and encourages everybody. Adapting to this more inclusive vision of fitness, we’ve developed a wide range of programs, classes and service offerings to cater to the needs of our steadily growing base of members.

Membership Perks

The benefit of maintaining a full menu of intensely member-focused programs and amenities is that your gym stands out from any nearby competitors. Members and potential members will be willing to make a longer drive to get to Gold’s Gym if they know they’re receiving the best full-service fitness experience in the world. 

Personal Training

Each of our members can opt to engage with a dedicated personal trainer to motivate them with the extra push they need to achieve their fitness goals. Our trainers are all certified experts in exercise physiology, anatomy, exercise application and use their expertise to develop individually-crafted training programs and personalized fitness assessments for each member they work with. No matter what our members’ needs or goals may be, our trainers will be by their side through every step of their fitness journey.

Group Exercise Classes

Our fitness centers have ample space to accommodate the latest in proven fitness trends, including incredibly popular group programs like Bodypump, kickboxing, yoga and Zumba classes.

Our group exercise offerings have also grown to include BOOTCAMP and GOLD’S STUDIO®, an overarching group program that includes other community-based training programs like GOLD’S FIT®, GOLD’S BURN™, GOLD’S CYCLE™, where reaching each individual’s daily fitness goals becomes a supportive community effort. All of our group classes are led by expert instructors who help adapt each class to any age or fitness level.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our commitment to innovation has set our gyms apart from the rest of the industry. Our members know that when they walk into any Gold’s Gym, they’re walking into a cutting-edge fitness experience. From our machines to our free weights, all of our equipment is designed to give members the best workout possible to achieve their goals. And, our most recent technological additions, GOLD’S 3D™ and GOLD’S AMP™, help us keep our promise to help members find their starting point and guarantee their satisfaction* throughout their path to success.

These industry-leading offerings establish a relationship of trust between our members and our gyms. The better we do for them, the more they’ll want to interact with us and continue that relationship.

Are you ready to offer all the perks of the #1 full-service fitness franchise in the world to health-and fitness-focused members of your community? Get started on your path to owning a Gold’s Gym franchise.

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