Are You Cut Out to Be a Gold’s Gym Owner?

January 29, 2018

Gold’s Gym offers a winning concept: built from a history of competitive drive and innovation, our 700+ worldwide locations offer best-in-class, member-focused services, programs and equipment to our 3+ million members, earning us the highest rating among Health and Fitness Centers by J.D. Power and 96% brand awareness.

Our legacy and commitment to our mission have helped develop our reputation and positioned us for further growth. But we can’t grow without savvy franchisees who share our vision and bring their best to the table. Here are three of the most important traits we look for in the franchisees we partner with to ensure each new gym we open is well-led and prepared for healthy growth. 

1. Trust

At the heart of the franchise model is consistency. It’s the single, all-important element that makes any franchise work. A consistent look, feel, layout, setup and method across every Gold’s Gym around the world inspires trust and confidence in our members – they know that whether they step into Gold’s Gym in Alexandria, Egypt or Albuquerque, New Mexico, they can expect the same high-quality experience that drew them to our brand in the first place.

In pursuit of this pervasive consistency, we’ve created a well-oiled, tried and tested system of operations and practices that empowers our franchisees to build a business our members can count on. Our franchisees must be willing and ready to adhere to these guidelines and trust that our proven systems are the best methods to optimize the growth and productivity of their gym. We’ve been at the top of the industry since 1965 – let us share our knowledge and experience with you, and you’ll be the among the best-equipped gym owners in the world.

2. Business Acumen

Even with a comprehensive franchisee support system and an established, global brand, gym ownership is just that – gym ownership. As a Gold’s Gym franchise owner, you’ll be faced with the challenges of hiring, scheduling, managing day-to-day operations and finances, bringing in new members and offering your current members the best gym experience possible. It’s a big, multi-faceted job that we’ll do our part to prepare you for, but it’s made a lot more manageable with previous experience or knowledge of business and finance.

3. Passion for Fitness

Arguably the most important quality in any gym owner is passion. Gold’s Gym franchisees thrive on their love of all things fitness – especially the impact they can have on the people of their communities. A healthy life doesn’t come easily to everyone, which is why we offer as many different fitness options to our members as possible. Fitness is for all people and every body.

Gold’s Gym makes it easy for franchisees to act on their passion for changing the shape of their community through fitness. With such a high demand for engaging workout options that keep members focused on their fitness goals, we’re fortunate to offer our members a range of services, programs and equipment to get them excited no matter what their starting point, whether they’re switching up their routine or deciding for the first time to get active and take control of their health.

Our comprehensive systems and procedures have allowed us to replicate the success of our concept again and again as we continue to grow. In the franchise industry, a firmly rooted brand and proven growth processes can help minimize risk for new owners. But often it’s the skills and tools our franchisees earn and learn before we bring them on that set them apart.

Are you cut out for a Gold’s Gym? Let us know if you’ve got what it takes.

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